Welcome to Baja's Groomer

For all breeds & temperaments

BAJA'S GROOMER is an all-breed, professional dog grooming service that includes everything a lot of people leave out!

The reasonable fees (depending on breed, condition and temperament) buy your dog:
• a warm hydrobath
• thorough fluff dry
• thorough ear-cleaning (and advice if ears are infected)
• thorough brushing and de-matting (if possible!) for a healthy, shiny coat
• a great haircut for your pure-breed, mutt or cat (clipping and hand-scissoring that enhances the natural good looks of your pet)
• in extreme circumstances clip-offs are necessary!
• lanolin - infused cologne to enhance coat-shine
• warm, friendly atmosphere with resident giant schnauzer and cornish rex


nose of the dog

Bookings are Essential

Full Groom

• hydrobath wash and blow dry
• nails clipped & pads trimmed
(minimizes the amount of dirt tracked into the house, ideal for summer with the abundance of grass seeds)
• ears plucked and cleaned
• light trim of sanitary area (trimming of the groin)
• clipping and styling of all breeds (hand scissor)
• hand strip, brush out (double coated, heavy-shedding breeds)


• hydrobath wash
• blow dry
• ears cleaned
• nails clipped


• express anal glands
• flea and tick treatment
• malaseb, medicated shampoo for sensitive skin
• natural oatmeal shampoo

Client Gallery


Max the Fox Terrier X; enjoys a monthly bubble bath and pedicure.


Ethel the West Highland Terrier X Poodle, frolicking in the garden before her groom.



Vasha the Lhasa Apso, similarly comes in for a full groom, "puppy clip".